EHP Process

EHP takes pride in its work and the world-class service we provide our clients. We’ve developed an efficient methodology to conduct our searches, yielding successful results every time.

Assignment intake
Interview client to collect all the detailed information to develop full and accurate specifications for the position to be filled.

Custom search arrangement
Craft a search schedule to establish timeline and milestones to meet client needs.

Develop search plan strategy
Based on the client’s specifications, we develop a detailed search to follow so that we succeed in filling the position. It is critical to understand client and position sell points, as well as anticipate potential objections.

Recruit a slate of the most qualified candidates
Clients want choice, so we give it to them with slates of qualified candidates — not just a few who may or may not meet the specifications.

Qualify each candidate
Candidates are carefully screened through phone and face-to-face interviews as well as documentation review to ensure they meet all of the client’s requirements.

The resumes of only the most qualified candidates are submitted for client review.

Care is taken to review each candidate on a slate with the client. This adds valuable insight that we’ve gained from our interactions with the candidates. It enhances the client’s perspective and helps in making an informed decision as to whether or not they should move to a phone screen, live interview, or disqualify the candidate.

We work hard to schedule all phone screens and live interviews. This is a critical part of the process and we ensure that it runs smoothly.

Each candidate is fully prepared for each interaction with a client. This helps to the process run effectively so both client and candidate get the most value from their interaction. It helps ensure that the client can make an informed decision about each candidate.

Follow up
We carefully monitor all client/candidate interaction as well as each phase of the search process to maximize the results we produce for our client.

When a candidate is selected for a position, we help the client obtain and review candidate references.

We assist in the final negotiations to ensure that the candidate of choice accepts our client’s offer.

Follow through
Once the offer is accepted we work with the candidate to make a smooth transition to the day of hire. Beyond the start date, we monitor their performance to make sure they are adding value and our client is pleased with their hiring decision.

Follow up survey
We survey our clients and candidates after each search to measure and improve our service and performance.




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